Wilderness, Animal Work and Self Defense

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Welcome to the Stefan Forsman portal

Stefan Forsman is based in Sweden and works throughout Europe in wilderness guiding and education, animal behavioural development, self defense training and survival. You can access all websites directly from this site. Just use the navigation bar above ...


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For Get Lost in the Wild, Stefan Forsman
designs and leads programs for tourists and students in
wilderness bushcraft and survival. Get Lost provides
unique wilderness experiences all year round - with
adventure packages in hiking, mountain biking,
cross country skiing, snow mobiling, camping,
wilderness TV and more.

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Stefan Forsman has helped to inspire a generation of progressive
animal workers throughout Scandinavia, and including
professionals in the racing industry in the UK and animal communicators in the USA. He is regarded as one of the key
horse professionals in the world to introduce and develop the humane
method of horse training now known as natural
horsemanship - his own brand is called Forsmanship.


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Self Defense

Stefan Forsman conducts no nonsense, reality based self defense
training programs for civilians and hand-to-hand combat
training for professionals. He has
real-life experience and military training as a ranger (commando) and designs excellent programs for self
defense and survival in real world situations.

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Dog Futures

There are many things that Stefan Forsman
would like to see changed for a better future for dogs.
His mission during the last three decades has been
committed to building awareness of animal needs and animal rights.

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It takes the time it takes.
A properly formulated plan together with timing and feeling will ensure that the training given to a horse will remain with it forever.
Stefan Forsman
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I have seen people change their attitude completely to horses after working with Stefan’s guidance ... his knowledge does not stand still, it truly grows.
Katerina Persson
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The moment of truth will be what you have trained, or not trained to do.
Stefan Forsman
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